"Larson reveals herself to be an articulate and observant writer. She balances colorful tales of excess with musings on women’s roles, and accounts of bad behavior with consideration of the reasons behind it... There’s plenty of fascinating insider info, too, about the job, her charges (Saudi and otherwise), and Los Angeles." (Publishers Weekly)

No one, including the author herself, escapes Larson's witty scrutiny. Sharp-eyed and humane.” (Kirkus)

"[This] book has a Lives of the Rich and Famous feel about it, but it’s not all about the money and the people who spent it (sometimes in utterly staggering quantities). In addition to the money, there’s some sentiment here, too, as the author comes to know these people, who seem to come from another world, and learns they aren’t so different, after all." (Booklist)

“Driving the Saudis is an entertaining, fast-paced read. As someone who has traveled with the Saudi royal family, I can confirm that Jayne Larson provides an amazingly accurate account. So if you want to take a ride with royalty without leaving the comfort of home, read this book.” (Jean Sasson, New York Times bestselling author of Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia)

"Jayne Amelia Larson spent seven weeks with the .001% and returned with an astonishingly rich story to tell. Honest, compassionate, and deeply entertaining, Driving the Saudis is the story of a woman trying to support her dreams, make a few bucks, and keep a gaggle of pampered princesses happy without losing her mind (or her perspective) in the process." (Suzanne Morrison, author of Yoga Bitch)

"Unlike most snappy memoirs about working as a temporary chauffeur for some of the richest people in the world, Driving the Saudis not only contains hilarious detail and horrifying excesses, but also serious social insight and moments of pure heartbreak. In her compulsively readable story, Larson has created memorable portraits of two cultures: theirs and ours." (Jim Krusoe, author Parsifal, Iceland, Girl Factory, The Sleep Garden)

"A stolen glimpse into the world's most important and intriguing family. A wonderful book, wonderfully written." (Robert Baer, author of New York Times bestsellers Sleeping with the Devil and The Company We Keep)

PUBLICATION DATE: October, 2012 & paperback October, 2013

by Simon & Schuster


When the Saudi royal family vacationed in Los Angeles, they hired Jayne Amelia Larson, an actress struggling to make ends meet, to be their personal chauffeur. She’d heard stories of the Saudis’ outrageously generous gratuities and figured that several weeks at their beck and call might be worth her time. But when the family arrived via their private jet with an entourage of forty and millions of dollars in cash, Jayne Amelia realized she might be getting into more than she bargained for...

Based on the author’s successful one-woman stage show, the story depicts a vivid portrait of the Saudi royals as few ever get to see them. At its heart, this is an upstairs/downstairs true-to-life fable for our global times.  It’s a story about the corruption that nearly infinite wealth causes, and about what we all do for money.  Told with compassionate insights and humor, DRIVING THE SAUDIS provides both entertainment and sharp social commentary on one of the world’s most secretive families.